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Main Areas Covered
sw4, sw11, sw8, sw12, sw16, sw17, sw18, sw1, sw3, sw7, sw5, sw10
77B Abbeville Road, London, SW4 9JN
Telephone 1
020 8144 7789
2nd Region
London - Central London
Areas Covered
wc1, wc2, ec1, ec2, ec3, ec4
3rd Region
London - London West
Areas Covered
w1,w2, w8, w9, w10, w11, w12, w14, w6
Domestic Work?
  • Yes
Commercial work?
  • Yes
Water Fed Poles?
  • Yes
Cherry Pickers?
  • Yes
Rope Access?
  • No
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Reviews (1)

August 4, 2013

My girlfriend found Vista Clean and booked them to do our windows beginning of June. They seemed friendly enough and even called to say that they would be a bit late for the appointment.

Two guys arrived a bit later, again they seemed like a professional outfit - luckily my girlfriend, a friend and I were at home even though it was a working day (just returned from hols).

I explained to the main guy (a chap called Asher Hudson) that two of the widows needed to be propped up and held up by hand at all times. As it happened, Asher didn’t really listen – did the first one okay, on the second window upstairs he didn’t and so we ended up with a broken sash window (he tried to prop it up by a stick that is there to help but not be a replacement for holding the window up by hand).

Asher was very apologetic and said that they will be in touch to arrange for somebody to measure the window and fix it.

A few days back I received a letter through the post box saying that they will not be accepting liability with an explanation along the “we accept that you have tried to warn us of the danger but failed to be specific...” lines :(

I am also disappointed that Asher promised to pay and then changed his mind - his parting words were “I will be get somebody to come around and fix this, thank you for not losing your cool and being calm around this” - I mean why even say that (?)

Simply poor, there is damage of few hundred pounds (so a fair amount but not a life changing) – if those guys cared I would have thought the reputation of a company mattered more which is probably the scariest part - avoid at all costs

Feel free to contact me if you would like any more details or to see a copy of the wonderful letter we received from Asher

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