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Listing your business on this directory only takes a few minutes. 1. If you have used this site before then please check first to see whether your business is already listed.   My ...


Window Cleaner Directory receives an overhaul..

Window Cleaning Resources are pleased to announce that this No.1 ranking WINDOW CLEANER DIRECTORY has now been given an impressive overhaul.   You can now edit your listing upload your logo, include ...


Water Fed Poles - Why?

     It's quite likely that your window cleaner currently uses this method of cleaning your windows and has already explained to you the benefits of using pure water systems.   As with ...


Are ladders banned?

When the new WAH regulations came into force in April 2005 rumours began to spread of a ladder ban. Is that the case? The short answer is NO. However, ladder use shou...


Hot cups of tea

Let a friendly window cleaner brighten up your day! A good window cleaner knows that customer care and rapport is important. You should find your window cleaner to be ...


Choose a professional!

You may pay more for a professional, but you are likely to have a lot less problems with the service. From what you have read so far regarding insurance, safety, honesty ...


Rain or shine

Help your window cleaner be reliable by giving permission to work regardless of the weather.. The weather doesn’t make it easy for the window cleaner to keep a strict work ...


Honesty is the best policy

If your window cleaner is stealing from the tax man, How do you know he won’t steal from you? Most window cleaners are hard working, tax paying honest men that earn ...


Safety first!

Ladders are not banned or illegal but should be used sensibly and appropriately. Window cleaning has always been known to be a high risk job. Running up and down a ladder ...


Are they insured?

If your window cleaner does not have public liability insurance, think seriously about changing to a window cleaner that does. Imagine if the window cleaner drops his heavy ladders or pole ...


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